There are different types of pests present in today’s households that many of us are aware of but are unaware of how to get rid of them. Getting rid of pests is not an easy task, you will first need to determine what kind of pest it is, where in the house they are found and then identify which remedies to approach in order to get rid of them. 

Bed bugs

Bed bugs might be tiny creatures but they do a fair amount of damage, as they feed on your blood and can cause several health issues. Bed bugs are oval shaped and red-brown in color, these insects are most commonly found living under your mattress and sheets, you can identify whether you have a bed bug infestation by keeping an eye out for blood patches on your sheets and shedded skin. Since bed bugs feed on your blood they are bound to leave some traces behind and as for skin, the juvenile bugs shed their skin when they grow. 

You can get rid of bed bugs by regularly replacing your sheets and scrubbing your mattress, if you still can’t seem to get rid of them, then calling up a professional who has good knowledge on bed bug treatment at BioCycle (Hong Kong) Limited will be wise.   


Termites are often referred to, with two other names; which is a wasp nest and a ‘silent killer’. They are known as silent killers due to the big amount of damage they do to homes without the homeowners noticing. Termites are attracted to nutrients that are found in cellulose, and cellulose is most commonly found in wood, therefore you find termites chewing on photo frames, furniture, and even the ceiling. 

Termites can damage the overall foundation of your home by chewing on your house’s infrastructure, and this can be very costly to repair. Therefore one of the main things people who are looking to buy a house is advised is to keep an eye out for termites, as in the long it will determine for how long the house will survive and also impact the value of the home. 

Getting rid of termites

You can stop termites from entering your home by getting rid of any openings or cracks and regularly checking your decking, fencing or other wood components. You can also use chemicals to get rid of termites, but it is best to hire a professional to be on the safe side rather than doing it on your own. Termites and Bed bugs are said to be the most common type of pests that are hard to get rid of. I hope after reading the above, this task will be much simpler and help you get rid of these pests with ease.