Month: December 2017

How To Survive In An Unsafe Neighborhood?

Here are a few tips as suggested by our experts in home securing.

Arm your home and vehicle with an alarm system

If you keep your home or garage unprotected, you really can’t blame anyone for getting your home or vehicle broken into. Thanks to modern technology, installing an efficient alarm system is no big deal at all. And while there are certainly security systems that are expensive; most of it is pretty affordable. And you can add additional layers of protection through apps that work with motion detecting sensors; alerting you of any movement when you are away from home. Remember, even having a motion detector light for your entrances, and a peep hole for your door can count as security measures.

Have spare keys, but don’t hide them in obvious places

If you are someone who is regularly forgetful, then no doubt you’ll have plenty of spare keys stashed around; just so you want lock yourself out of your home and vehicle, and have to call in a locksmith. And while we understand that you’d find it a hassle to call in for a car key replacement, it’s better not to have many spares lying around. As for your home’s spare keys, forget those old hiding places like under a pot or under the door mateveryone and their grandparents know those places. Think of a more innovative hiding place, or simply have your spare key over at a neighbors.

Be mindful as you lock up

Are you someone who is always rushing from place to place? In this case, then we have no doubt that you’ve forgotten to lock some part or the other of your home, in your rush to leave home. to avoid this happening, keep a home locking checklistespecially when you leave for holidays or weekend trips. Start from one corner of the house, and work your way out. Don’t forget closing the windows, stashing away the emergency exit ladder, and checking the garage. If you’re leaving the car behind, take a moment to make sure it’s properly closed upeven if you’re leaving it in your garage. This includes making sure your keys are not in the ignition or the door itself; once more avoiding a call for automotive locksmith.

Don’t travel in late hours

We all know that though it’s not exclusive, most crimes take place in the night. This is because it’s easier to hide in the darkness. This being said, if you live in an area you don’t feel very safe in, try to avoid arriving home lateespecially if you’re walking home. Apart from your own safety, arriving late also opens up chances for your home to get broken into; especially when you open up a roller door.

Tips For Home Security

You have to know about how to keep your home safe. This way you can rest easy knowing that your family is well secured. You need to secure your doors so that nothing is kept opened for strangers to come inside. We can forget to close a door or window at night or when we leave home. It is best to stick to a routine. Walk around the house perimeter and check all openings and see if they are secured when you leave the home. This may take some time but it is a small price to pay for keeping your possessions safe.

You need to check if anyone is able to peek in the windows or the door and get a clear view of the possessions in the house. You need to make sure that you have strong doors with protected hinges. Some doors have mail slots in them. Make sure that nobody is able to reach through that slot and unlock the door. It is best to have a deadbolt and a peephole in the main door for extra security. You can also install an alarm system like the Bosch alarm system so that you have a guarantee that you will be alerted in the case of an emergency. It is important for every home to have some sort of a security system. There are different types of systems so you have to see which one you’re more comfortable with.You can install some security systems on your own and you may need professional help for others.

The benefit of a security system is that they can be programmed to inform certain authorities as well. And the presence of such a system can be a deterrent for burglars as they can deem it as a high risk. Home security systems can help reduce unauthorised access in both residential and commercial buildings. You can tailor the system according to your requirements. You need to be aware of the openings in your house. Sometimes windows can also be a point of entry and the latches aren’t always effective in keeping an intruder out. You can also use stronger glass such as tempered or laminated glass if it’s place that needs high security. Visit this link for more info on  home security systems Sydney.

So make sure that you secure your ground floor windows as well as the basement.Your neighbours can be a big help too. They will have a good idea about the area if you have just moved in and they can keep an eye out and alert you if something unusual happens. But you need to communicate with them and build a relationship so that they get to know you and can get in touch with you when you’re away.